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Default 1084s Monitor fried

Hey there, I just made a new account here to ask if there's anything much I can do about a dead monitor. I haven't used my 1084s for years (it was starting to go on me and I had to whack it to make it work somewhat regularly so I gave up using it for my last-gen consoles and shortly later switched to a new TV when I got a 360). When I plugged it in recently to give my Gamecube a try again but it wouldn't give any picture at all, made a high pitch whine, some crackling inside, and started smelling like something was burning, so that was quickly unplugged and moved outside.

Anyway, it was a very good monitor when I was using it. I still have a normal 1084 I borrowed from my cousin and a 1902a from my old Commodore 128, but neither has stereo RCA inputs and neither has the connector that natively plugs in from the Amiga (not sure what it's called - the connector has 9 pin slots in a 4+5 pattern with screws on the sides, but only 5 are actually pins sticking out of the cable that comes from the Amiga). When connecting something to the 1084 with RCA cables it doesn't display colours properly either, it's all washed out in a way the 1084s never did. I don't understand why the non-stereo version doesn't have that connector (it's got a few other round RGB connector things but I don't have cables for that). It's clearly inferior to what I got used to on my 1084s and I don't know if I'll ever be able to use my Amiga again except through RCA cables, which I imagine isn't very good for the higher video modes.

Can something from a monitor be salvaged after this point, when it's already started burning inside? I have no experience with opening up a monitor and didn't want to risk a shock or anything by touching the wrong thing. Ideally I'd just move the ports and stereo functioning from the dead monitor to the working one, but that's probably a pipe dream. I'm not sure what my options are here.
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Default Re: 1084s Monitor fried

Not sure about this but I think it's probably the flyback transformer.
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Default Re: 1084s Monitor fried

Sounds like the Line Output Transformer (or flyback transformer as some call it) in your monitor either has some dry joints (especially if giving it whack got it working) or it may be fried altogether...

Either way unless you know what your doing and are handy with a soldering iron, I would advise not touching it as there are LETHAL voltages involved here... best advice is find someone local who can look at it for you...

Commodore made different versions of the 1084 for sale in different parts of the world. Some had SCART sockets (Mainly UK) some had 9 PIN D Sub connectors (like the kind you have) and others had round DIN connectors just depended on which part of the world the target was for each monitor...

They all have RGB inputs and the pinouts for your 9 PIN D Sub one are as shown in this link...

If you can't make your own cable for it then you may find one on eBay or perhaps someone here may have one...

You monitor sounds like it can be repaired (difficult to tell online though) but as for converting it to stereo using the parts from each other then the answer is no I'm afraid...
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