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Version: 0.8 (work in progress)
Last Updated: November 6th, 2009 11:36 PM CST

Overview: strives to be the site for AmigaOS and compatible software/systems. This includes all Classic Amiga's, Amiga OS 4.x, MorphOS, AROS, Amiga Virtual Machine (Amiga Forever), FPGA solutions and more. To promote this goal, open posting and commenting in the available areas of the site are strongly encouraged. Along with that encouragement and ability comes posts or comments that may need to be moderated. As always, the staff of this site reserves the right to moderate any entry, post, or data in the interest of preserving the peace and keeping forums on topic.

We at highly encourage the free expression of ideals. Without the ability to express ideas, what's the point? However, "Freedom" is not anarchy. All freedoms must be guarded with both respect and responsibility. Responsibility from you for your words as well as respect towards your fellow site visitors. The responsibility from us lies towards making this site a place where people with different views and opinions can express them, while agreeing to disagree when necessary. To that end, the specific moderation policy of site is listed below. It is subject to change with or without notification to the user base.

The following types of posts or comments are subject to automatic moderation or deletion without question:
  1. Any post or comment that insults or defames any user of the site, including the webmasters or moderators.
  2. Taunts and incitement to violence between users of the site.
  3. Any post or comment advocating public violence.
  4. Any post or comment advocating neo-nazi ideas or views.
  5. Any post or comment advocating anti-semitic or racist views.
  6. Any posts or comments from a known neo-nazi or sympathizer.
  7. Disruptive postings designed to interfere with the operation of the website.
  8. Duplicate posts or comments.
  9. Any post or comment involving or advocating the distribution of warez in any way. Webmasters' or Moderators' discretion:
  1. Criticism of moderation decisions or the deletion of posts.
  2. Off topic flame bait.
  3. Replies to flame bait. In the case that something really interesting is appended to flame bait, the moderators will replace the parent deleted post with the reason it was deleted.
  4. Inaccurate information about individuals or groups.
  5. Posts or comments that are crossposted to/from another group, site or Email list.
  6. Political correctness.

For further clarification, please see our Posting Guidelines page.

Moderation or Deletion decision making:

  1. If a post or comment is a clear and unquestionable violation of the guidelines, any of the site webmasters or moderators can edit or delete it.
  2. If the post is questionable, at least three site webmasters and/or moderators must agree with the proposed action (edit or delete).
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