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Default Re: Shapeshifter. Best mac os for 030?

Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
Yes tried it (full version on EAB server) and it didn't work for me. But it's useless anyway since there's CardTrickEVD and PippinEVD with RTG to use.
PS. I think it SavagePPC works only with older Shapeshifter versions
Are either of those needed once you have a gfx card? I seem to recall it working just fine under CGX without any additional drivers. Although Pippin was an overlay one IIRC. I never used it as I used to run it fullscreen 1280x1024.
This isn't SCSI... This is SATA!!!
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Default Re: Shapeshifter. Best mac os for 030?

On my A1200 with Med+voodoo3 I use CardTrickEVD. It's faster than the drivers that come by default. So it's not necessarily needed but I definitely recommend it. Okayish < FAST
And use "direct" mode
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