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Default voodoo 5500 in a mediator 3000

Another issue I am having is I can't seem to get my mediator, or system to recognize that I have a voodoo 5500 plugged into it.
When I run PCIINFO, it lists the ethernet card I installed in it, but not the voodoo.
It was suggested to me that the cards are sometimes not seated all the way into the slot.
I disconnected the mediator board and tried plugging in voodoo 5500 card into it outside the machine. One thing I noticed is it doesn't seem to seat in as tightly or evenly as the other cards. I looked up a picture of a voodoo 5500 PCI card online to look at the picture of the plug to make sure I bought the right card... and it appears to be correct.
When its plugged in, I can press down on one side of the plug and watch it lift slightly out on the other side. If I push firmly on the other side I can watch it lift slightly on the opposite side. So I end up just pushing it in evenly in the middle (the best I can).
A few years back I originally bought a voodoo 3000 card and I could also never get the mediator to recognize it. I just assumed it was a bad card so I saved up this year and bought the Voodoo 5500 PCI which was listed as perfect working condition.
Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?
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Default Re: voodoo 5500 in a mediator 3000

I have a similar problem with my Voodoo 5500 PCI and my Mediator 1200 (ok... it's an Amiga 1200, and not 3000).
My problem is that sometimes the busboard recognize the card and others not.
Elbox told it's an HW problem of the Mediator itself, and only with the Voodoo 5500 (now I cannot remember why). It could be that your busobard have similar problems...
To solve the problem of the plug I suggest you to try to mount the card in a PCI slot of a standard PC and see how it plugs! If it's ok, could be that the problem is the Mediator...
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