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Default For Sale: Amiga/MAC Games, Apps, Utilities - Part 1

PART 1 -

Hi Folks,

I have the following AMIGA, MAC and PC games, apps and utilities for sale.

All titles that do not have shipping fees are the same cost.

Determining shipping to international destinations from the United States of America are a little more complicated.

Most all media, diskettes, CD-ROMS have been verified as readable.


INTERNATIONAL FOLKS (beyond the shores and borders of the continental U.S.A.):
Please tell me your COMPLETE address or postal code for a pricing schedule.
I will respond to you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.


I will combine any/all items shipped to the same address.


All prices do not include shipping costs.


On most items I have a $2.00 handing charge.
On more complex packaging, it's between $4/$5.
If it gets complex, I will let you know. :^)


Combined handling is "just once", meaning, three items, one handling charge.


Media Items / US Destinations:
All items will be shipped USPS Media Mail


Shipping costs:

USA Lower 48 States

Books: Estimated 2 lbs per book

Software: Estimated 1-2 lbs per title (average light-weight title, small manual, one set of diskettes). All titles will be different. Heavier titles such as the Word Processing apps will cost more.

The estimated values generally are packaged AND ready to ship values.
If you're a stickler about EXACTING shipping values (ounce here, ounce there) a/any transaction may not be worth our time.

USPS International: Weighing for international destinations is different, as an ounce either way may make the difference between affordable and not affordable. And I want shipping to be as affordable to you as possible.

USPS International First Class: When/where possible, USPS International First Class will be used. When determining postage costs a weight/size limit is the determining factor. Most single/double item packages are within limit, but once going over, then USPS International First Class is no longer an option as specified by USPS.

The USPS International First Class rules are:
Maximum weight is 4 lbs.
Maximum length, height and depth combined is 36".
Insurance and tracking is NOT available for International First Class
Generally, International First Class is the least expensive shipping option.

USPS International Priority Mail:
This is the most expensive option, but carries insurance values and some limited tracking options. If you need a package insured and tracking options, this is the option to choose.

Other Carriers: Unless it's a really big item (A2000, etc) I am only using USPS services.


Payments: PayPal only please. If you require a different method, send an email and I'll see what can be worked out.


A request please -
Please please please don't berate/argue at
someone for requesting time and supply reimbursements.
I wouldn't ask of anyone to work without compensation.
If this were fun, I might just be paying you!


Contact info:
Please Private Message me at:
robertcazares at

You can certainly PM me here, but it's just easier to get with me direct at my gmail account.

One last request:
Please preface your email subject with [AO] so I know it your email is coming from here. OK? Awesome, thanks!

e.g.: [AO] - Book, Amiga System Programmer's Guide


Thanks Everyone!


Amiga T-Shirt, Make Up Your Own Mind, Worn once, washed twice


AMIGA GAMES: All Boxed AMIGA games are $7.00

AMIGA GAMES: All NOT Boxed AMIGA games are $5.00


Amiga - Golden PAth - Firebird - Boxed

Amiga - Waterloo - SSI - Boxed

Amiga - Hardball - Accolade - NO SOFTWARE DISK, Box Only
no photo

Amiga - Their Finest Hour - Lucas Film Games - Boxed

Amiga - CYBERCON - US Gold - Boxed

Amiga - Vaxine - US Gold - Boxed

Amiga - SubVersion 1.0 - Point of View Computing Boxed - Sealed

Amiga - The Amazing Spider-Man - Paragon Software - Boxed - Sealed

Amiga - Conan The Cimmerian - Virgin Games - Boxed

Amiga - Checkmate - Interplay - Boxed

Amiga - Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman in Hare Rasing Havoc - Disney Software - Boxed

Amiga - Balance of Power - Mindscape - Book-type packaging

Amiga - Castle of Doctor Brain - Sierra - Boxed

Amiga - Leisure Suit Larry goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places) - Sierra - Boxed
no photo

Amiga - Alien Fires - Jagware - Flat packaging - Sealed
no photo

Amiga - The Fool's Errand by Cliff Johnson - Miles Computing - Boxed

Amiga - Road Rash - Electronic Arts - software, manual - NO BOX

Amiga - Red Baron version 1.0 - Dynamix, SIERRA - software, manual - NO BOX

Amiga - A-10 Tank Killer - Dynamix, SIERRA - seems like all collateral is present (manual, quick reference card) - NO SOFTWARE
No photo

Amiga - STRIKEFLEET - Electronic Arts - manual, software sealed - NO BOX

Amiga - Nova9 version 1.0 - Dynamix, SIERRA - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - Heart of China - Dynamix, SIERRA - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - Mean Streets - Access Software, Inc. - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - Feud

Amiga - Sid Meir's PIRATES! - MicroProse - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - Stellar 7 - Dynamix, SIERRA - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - Lemmings - Psygnosis - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - Rise of the Dragon Dynamix Coic, SIERRA - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - Grand Prix Circuit - Accolade - manual, software - NO BOX
No photo

Amiga - Flight Simulator II - SUBLOGIC - manual, software - NO BOX

Amiga - FALCON, The F-16 Fighter Simulator - Spectrum HoloByte - manual, software - NO BOX

Good, fast, cheap. Pick two.
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Default Re: For Sale: Amiga/MAC Games, Apps, Utilities - Part 1

Interested in:

Amiga - Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman in Hare Rasing Havoc - Disney Software - Boxed

Amiga - Castle of Doctor Brain - Sierra - Boxed

PM On the way...

Edit: Adding "Golden Path" to my interest...
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