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Default Re: Woe is me

Pretty much everyone will say get a a1200, since its cheap and more modern out of all the amigas.. A4000 would be nice but more expensive and harder to come by.

For me I have been a a500 owner back in the day, but I always wanted a a1200 when I was younger parents didnt have the money.. So a1200 was like the holygrail to me.. Seriously the a1200 is a workhorse compared to the a500..

I say, grab a a1200 if you can for around $105-ish USD. While your at it get a 030 accelerator , budget for around or just under $250USD, then you will have a nice machine where you can push the limits even further than the a500... AGA is very nice to have.. If you pimp out the a500 to the max, it will end up being like a a1200 but without AGA anyways and more expesive especially for acceletors.. I actually I think the a500 is better to pimp out if your into electronic design.. ie make new hardware for it and test it. theres alots of schematics for memory addons, basic ide interfaces, kickstart emulation eeproms, etc.

Meanwhile get a a500 as well, I've seen some on my local ebay from time to time go for $55 USD basic systems.

Also check If your patient and look everyday, Im sure a1200 $105USD and a500 $55 USD are doable.. well I got my a1200 for that price and a500 I got for free some ppl's garage 10 years ago

Not sure how much you are bidding for, but I waited 2 years for a cheap a1200 to come by.. but I wasn't in a rush..

Good luck!

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Default Re: Woe is me

I paid $60 for my a500 a couple of years ago, and that was including a 1084s monitor.
I've never even seen an a1200 in this country.
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Default Re: Woe is me

Originally Posted by smerf View Post

I would get one of them dere g4 apple mac machines and install morphOS on it, then you would have a real Amiga


Sorry just had to say it, the devil made me do it. I humbly apoligize.

If you want a REALLY fast 1200, you need a fast X86 PC and a copy of AmigaForever.

Sorry just had to say that (and its true). Overclocked you really could almost have a 5GHz Amiga1200.
Sinner no more - sold the tablet.

Purchased a 2.7 GHz G5 PowerMac for now (and I have 2.3 PCI-E G5 PowerMac for future revisions of MorphOS).

Also I still have a 1.42 GHz iBook (with MorphOS 3.4).

Finally I still have an old A2000 for the days I'm into pain.

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Smile Re: Woe is me

Thanks everyone for chiming in. There's only one thing for it...I'll have to have a 500 and a 1200!...and a bigger house...
Are we there yet?
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