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Default simplistic homebrew game

Some of you who know me know Im fairly interested in the creative side of the amiga, particularly making games. Im just curious, but how many of you check out the little bits and pieces people make that appear on aminet these days ? Im not talking so much the ports, but more the original amiga "homebrew" stuff ? Personally Im always intersted in seeing what people have made, but to each his own.....

Now secondly, Im really itching to make something at the moment, but It's driving me crazy trying to work out what to make. I've given pretty much all the typical genres some thought over the years, and there's a good chance Ive got at least a vague idea for a game in most game types. My problem being however, that when you over think these things, it's easy to lose interest before you even get started properly. It's a bad habbit Ive developed over the years and one I'd love to break.

To try to do that I though maybe my best plan of attack would be to do a few simple types of games. Once I can complete one or 2 things hopefully I can start to break the bad habbit Ive developed and keep focused on only a few things at a time.

My reason for typing all this I guess is to find out what gamestyles people would like to see. Bare in mind that for now I want to try to do stuff that doesn't have a lot of graphics/story/etc for the moment, or difficult graphics. By that I mean, not a lot of people (theyre hard to get right and time consuming), not huge amounts of animation per "sprite", spaceships and so on are ok seeing as theyre basic shapes with a metal look to them and have nothing "real" to compare them against and find fault, cutsie creatures are fine for a similar reason, but bright rather than metallic. Im currently considering maybe some sort of vertical shooter (either galaga style of scrolling backdrops), some sort of platformer or similar. Nothing set in stone though and mostly for the simplicity, but there's nothing stopping me making it nicely presented (in theory :-)).

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated. A large portion of the fun in making games is having people play and hopefully enjoy them so feedback would help with my indecisiveness :-) I dont expect to set the world alight, but I'd like to make something people would at least play :-)

Thanks for listening to me ramble :-)

p.s. before someone brings it up, Im reasonably confident in my coding abilities, so that needn't influence what I end up making.
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