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Default Re: What games are you playing?

Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
Aare you using only one save, or several files?.*Also, do you have the system upgraded?. In fallout nv for example, upgrades solved the majority of problems, and i never had again the problem of freezes with beteshda games.
In fact, i have a save on nv and skyrim full of discoveries and objects and it plays perfectly.
One major save for every game and a few neutral/evil saves but they are small.
The system is updated and all games are running latest patch.
It won't be as noticeable if your save file is not big enough, collect lots of items in skyrim in your house, same in fallout 3 & NV collect loads of items in your house, in fallout 3 and NV I have all unique items in lockers also big amounts of material used for making weapons etc plus a collection of other rare items like the 2 Giant teddybears and tiny teddybears, tiny/giant gnomes etc placed nicely in my house.

Same goes for all Bethesda games, large collections of items and the entire world explored and you won't be able to play right on PS3.
The system will hang/freeze fast and the frame rate will be really low.

Do a few google searches and you will see this still affects updated games/systems for PS3 users, this is major problems and they have not been fixed.

So no more PS3 for me.
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