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Default Re: What games are you playing?

Originally Posted by CritAnime View Post
So much so I gave it up and got the xbox version because they were patching that version quicker.
I think there is a lot of "politics" (or "business"/"sponsorship" if you like) involved. There are several cases where Xbox "mysteriously" got a lot higher priority at some game publishers.

GTA 4 is a prime example; when this much anticipated new version of the once *PS only* series of games was first announced, it was suddenly rumored that it wouldn't be released for PS3 at all, but in reality it *was* released, but with a few months delay.

Why, you ask?

Because of a $50,000,000 MS deal?

Not realistic, some might say. Well, look at the Commercial Success it had, setting at least two new world records in this regard (the best single day sales, and the best 7 days sales).

The tactical/strategic benefit MS/Xbox got from this single (and rather cheap) $50 million deal is probably enormous.
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