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Default Re: What games are you playing?

Originally Posted by takemehomegrandma View Post
My PS3 is a really old 40GB one, and I played through Fallout 3 from beginning to the end at least 3 times (1 good, 1 evil and 1 neutral, earning all those trophies for different levels), and I also bought the "game of the year" edition with all the add-on contents, which I also played through, and while there indeed was a few sporadic crashes during all that time of game play, I wouldn't call it "crap" in any way. Well, except that add-on (don't remember its name) where you took a river boat to that costal town/swamp area. That one crashed badly. OK, the first Fallout 3 version I had (an early version) didn't even get through the classroom part in the intro mission, but a DL fix remedied that problem!

That was my point. the first version of Fallout 3, I had the lunch tin special edition, was full of insta crashing bugs. The classroom been a prime example along with the brotherhood of steel main compound. So much so I gave it up and got the xbox version because they were patching that version quicker. However when the game of the year edition came out I got it for the playstation and it was all pretty much fixed. Excpet for Point Lookout, the mod you recall takemehomegrandma, which was glitchy. But even the xbox version was glitchy.

for some reason it just seems to take them longer to fix things on the PS3 than it does the xbox in general. In fact why does it seem to be the norm to release very buggy games anyway.
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