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Default Re: What games are you playing?

Originally Posted by CritAnime View Post
bethesda's PS3 support has always been crap. I remember Fallout 3 having a glitch that would insta crash it near the brotherhood of steel's main compound. By simply walking in a cartain direction it would crash the game. this was fixed on the xbox version within a week. The PS3 version it had taken them nearly 3 whole weeks. Sucks.
Do you think it is because the System is "older" that it crash when there is to much saved?
My PS3 is a really old 40GB one, and I played through Fallout 3 from beginning to the end at least 3 times (1 good, 1 evil and 1 neutral, earning all those trophies for different levels), and I also bought the "game of the year" edition with all the add-on contents, which I also played through, and while there indeed was a few sporadic crashes during all that time of game play, I wouldn't call it "crap" in any way. Well, except that add-on (don't remember its name) where you took a river boat to that costal town/swamp area. That one crashed badly. OK, the first Fallout 3 version I had (an early version) didn't even get through the classroom part in the intro mission, but a DL fix remedied that problem!

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