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Default Re: What games are you playing?

Originally Posted by som99 View Post
256MB vram and 256MB ram.
You can replace your hard drive with nearly whatever 2.5" drive you want, I have an 750GB drive so I got no storage issues, before I had an SSD in it but the gain in most games where to slight and many games do not install to the HDD anyways so I'm happy with the 750GB drive.
Yes then you have no problems with storage Do you remember that PC i got last month, with Geforce and that, if i connect it to my plamsa, will it be able to play games in PS3 quality? I must admit i have not much experince with putting a PC to flatscreens
Amiga 4000 030 18 MB ram. 16 Gb Hard disk.
Amiga 1200 030 34 MB ram. 8 Gb Hard disk.
Amiga 2000 030 9 MB ram. 1 Gb Hard disk.
Amiga 2000 68000 5 MB ram. 500 MB Hard disk.
Amiga 2000 68000 9 MB ram. 1 Gb Hard disk.
Amiga 600 4 MB ram. 4 GB Hard disk.
Amiga 600 1 MB ram. 60 MB Hard disk.
Amiga 500 1 MB ram.
Amiga CD32
Amiga CD32
Commodore 64
Commodore 64C
Commodore 128
Commodore 128D

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