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Default Re: What games are you playing?

Originally Posted by som99 View Post
Because when more and more objects in the world are discovered the location of them are stored in the save file like items on the floor/tables etc and then it gets loaded in the ram and the ps3 has just to little ram at 256MB so it cripples when saves are to large.
So any of the fallout and elder scrolls gets unplayable when you have played long on one character.
I am sure they could bring an workaround for this but they might think it's to much work.

So selling broken games for the PS3 should not be allowed... since they have not fixed this issue in any of the games but keep releasing new ones with the same problems but just ignore it. That's so wrong on so many levels....

So I'm ditching Bethesda on console and I'll play em on pc instead. No more buying broken software for the ps3.

Also I skip quite a lot of ps3 games if they have no install to hard drive option because the blu-ray is to darn slow to load textures from and other content. Bought borderline 2 for PS3 without knowing and there where NOW install option, 10 mins after trying the game I ordered it for pc.

So I'm off the PS3 market, to many games with issues and to slow loading and other problems.

So atm I'm buying for pc and since I upgrade my pc quite often for quicker rendering and compiling anyways I have quite good hardware and have no problem running new games, I only have to spend a few hundred dollars extra for a new graphics card now and then but its no problem since I like to have quick gfx cards for protein folding anyways.
I thought the PS3 had 512 MB RAM, and you are right in that not all games run smootly on it. And some games take up to 5 GB of memory in saved games, just to get started and go a couple of levels. So i have to delete many saved games as my PS3 only have 80 Gb HardDisk.
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