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Default Re: What games are you playing?

Originally Posted by som99 View Post
Well I used to play Fallout 3 & NV and Skyrim on PS3, but after you played a lot like I have and your save file gets to big the PS3 systems keep freezing/lagging and that's not acceptable. My Fallout 3 character has nearly everything done and all unique items but the game crash withing 10 mins of playing now on such a big save. Not OK

Same for Skyrim, start freezing/lagging now when my save is large and ive played a lot also since no DLC is out for PS3 and skyrim I had to drop the PS3 system for new RPGs in favour for flawless PC play.

So had to switch from PS3 to PC on bethesda RPG's, sadly enough since I liked to play using a gamepad on my TV.

So im playing new games mostly on PC now, understandable when you have spent near 1k hours on the fallout and elder scrolls games on PS3 and get let down by not beeing able to play when you get far in.
Do you think it is because the System is "older" that it crash when there is to much saved? Or what can cause that on a system?
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