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Default Re: My 500+ Project

Managed to finish removing the corroded socket and install the replacement tonight but still have some work to do before my 500+ is fully working.

I reckon I need some finer grit sandpaper than I have to clean the feet on the Gary chip as I put it in and powered it up (just composite for now) and All I got was a flashing screen and an occasionally flashing Power Light (sort of dims to flash).

anyway here's some pics so far:

Lid on:

Half the socket gone, board mostly cleaned:

New Socket install (2x 24pin):

Gary Chip in socket to make sure it fits + battery area and for a quick but so far unsuccessful test:

One thing that does concern me is I popped a trace on the bottom of the mobo where it connects to a Gary socket pin and it pulled several centimetres off the board - I was able to solder it directly to the pin and gave it a coating of nail polish but am still unsure if that is enuf (time will tell i guess - might put up a pic tomorrow night).

I also tested all the socket pins with my multimeter to makes sure none of them where accidentally connected and got perfect results first time so happy with that.

If I cant fix this board I have discovered that getting hold of a Rev6a board is quite cheap from Europe and I should be able to transplant all the ECS chips and half the ram.
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