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Default Re: PCMCIA CF Card is not recognised, but IS mounted as CF0

Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
You certainly don't provide enough info!
What do you mean Amiga wouldn't boot correctly?
Well, just as I said. After placing those two commands in the startup-sequence (and adding both files to C), the Amiga could not startup anymore. It stalled at the first lines from the startup-sequence I guess.

From what I can understand you just declared CardReset and CardPatch and you didn't have an PCMCIA adapter inserted upon boot... alas the system stalled.
The card reader was in the PCMCIA slot all the time.

So... the correct way to declare CardReset and CardPatch in Startup-Sequence are the following two:
FailAt 11
C:CardReset TICKS 50
This didn't do the trick either.

Another problem I have faced is that my internal CF Card has died on me. It gave me checksum errors and I was not able to install workbench on it again, neither was it possible to format the card. So I tried the 2GB Platinum card from the PCMCIA card reader, but this one was not recognized at all by the Workbench partition software. I guess the Platinum was not compatible with the Amiga.

The internal drive from Amigakit is a Kingston 4GB CF.
Some people say you can better use a Sandisk Ultra II or Extreme III.
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