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Default Re: What were you doing on your Amiga in 1994?

Originally Posted by ElPolloDiabl View Post
Hi, What were you doing on your Amiga in the year 1994?

UHHHH!!! nothing, I usually didn't get on my Amiga, I was afraid I would cave in the case and that wasn't only in 94 but today as well.


I did use my Amiga 4000 for Video Toaster work, titling home movies, doing budget work, and transferring pictures back and forth between PC's and the Amiga. I played a lot of megaball, soliton, and space taxi. Did a lot of downloading too!! BBS boards where hot, and did a lot of software analyzing to see if I liked their programs or not. Wrote a cracking program so I could back up all that copy protected software. This program had a 99% success rate, but sometimes took 24 to 48 hours analyzing a disk then came up with a crack for it, taking another 24 hours, needless to say this was the last program I tried. Come to think of it, I think I still have it up in the attic somewhere, wonder if it still works with todays programs (LOL).

Also, in 1994 I was still challenging loudmouthed PC users to beat my Amiga in a do it contest, where I would challenge them to beat my Amiga,
1. Downloading a program from a BBS board,
2. Printing out a 5 page document.
3. Playing music
4. Playing their solitare game.
5. Doing a backup of their hard drive.

Guess what no PC user ever won, made lots of money on this one, their faster computers, just didn't work as well as my slow outdated Amiga.

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