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Default Re: Help me getting my Amiga online

Thanks for the replies.

Typing into Aweb on the Amiga brings up the routers login page, just as it does on the PC.

Typing in takes me to Google (if I type something into the box and hit search I get the message "Cannot connect to"

If I type in into Aweb I get the message "FORBIDDEN you dont have permission to access/on this server. Apache server at Port 80"

If I try to ping the Amiga from the PC internet explorer just takes me to the Bing! search engine so I'm guessing it can't see the Amiga.

If I look on the router it shows the other 4 devices and their ip address's that are connected, but not the Amiga.

I had a look at the DNS settings in Easynet and they appear to match those in the router. I'll try having another look at it tomorrow, but this is starting to get annoying.
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