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Default Re: Picasso II Video Card questions

The amiga video port out is rgb.
The cable you have is a rgb 23 pin to (guess) 9 pin for the 1080.

You also have a 23 pin to 15 pin adaptor (which I gave you)

In order to connect a rtg (read vga) video card, you will need a 15 pin vga to 15 pin.

The pass thru from the picasso2 is also 15 pin vga (other cards ie spectrum are 9 pin)

With the TIMM which has a 15 vga in, the min is a 15 pin vga to 15 pin.

option 1: By using the 23 to 15 pin adaptor with the vga cable to the TIMM.

OPtion 2: using the 23 pin to 15 adaptor with a short 15 pin to 15 pin vga cable to the pass thru and then a longer 15 pin vga to the TIMM,
You have a complete or both the the 31khz and 15khz signals going to the TIMM.

You still RTG software.


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