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Default Re: Picasso II Video Card questions

Originally Posted by amigasociety View Post
I am buying a Picasso II Video Card for my A4000T. I understand it has two video ports on it, one being a pass-thru port. I am not quite understanding the pass-thru port.

I plan on connecting the A4000T to a Toshiba TIMM Monitor which I understand has a max 800x600 video on it.

All I am familiar with so far on the A4000T is the stock video port connected to a A1080 Monitor.

So, what resolution can I pump out to the Toshiba TIMM using this Picasso II card? Can it handle the 800x600 or will I get flicker at this higher resolution?

What port on the Picasso II do I connect the TIMM to to maximise its use?

Maybe someone can explain the videop options I will now have when I use the Picasso and at the same time, does Workbench 3.1 work fine with Picasso II or do I need to install some drivers?


Recalling how I set up my Picasso II on my A3000...

You will run the A4000T Video into the the Picasso II video in port and the plug you monitor to the video out port on the card. The pass through is so that you can see native Amiga resolutions.

I think you will need a 23 to 15 pin video adapter to use the pass through. On my 3000 I am using the 31Khz monitor port.

I am using 1024x768 resolution on a Sony 17" LCD monitor with no problems.

Hopefully, I explained this right, I'm sure some will clarify if I messed up my explanation. The biggest reason for the pass through is for native Amiga resolutions.
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