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Default Re: Free MorphOS compatible systems for developers

Originally Posted by fishy_fiz View Post
Great initiative there amigadave and good luck with it.
Im sure I dont need to tell you this, and its good to see you have a reasonably safe criteria, but Id advise a little caution. Ive seen it many times with these sorts of initiatives over the years that some people with no real knowledge (but enough to sound convincing to those with less) take advantage of this sort of thing, only to never contribute anything back other than a few write ups and excuses after theyve received their machine. Not to say there's a deliberate intention to deceive, but some peoples eyes are bigger than thier brains (that's to say their interest in what's offered outweighs their ability to deliver).
Hey fishy_fiz, quit describing me with that eyes bigger than brains comment! My interest has always been outweighed by my (lack of ) ability to deliver.

Well, I still have the deserving developer in Australia that needs help getting a MorphOS system, if anyone can help in that country, please contact me.

I also have a deserving programmer in Spain that has actually completed porting some software to MorphOS while only using an unregistered Efika 5200b computer that he has to reboot every 30 minutes. He just wants a keyfile donated so he does not have to reboot all the time, but I told him I would first look to see if we could find him a more powerful MorphOS compatible computer to register, instead of his Efika.

Although, the Efika at 400MHz is actually a very capable computer when running MorphOS2.7, but the limitation of only 128mb of RAM can cause challenges under certain circumstances.

Any MorphOS users within Spain interested in helping solve this request for keyfile, and/or more powerful MorphOS system?
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