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Default Re: Zune for all platforms

Originally Posted by itix View Post
Because there already is MUI and it is part of the system. MUI failing to work you make the entire OS (the desktop, ASL, system tools) to fail.

And MUI being part of the system there is hidden stuff the system is using but not exposed for the public.
Who said anything about MUI failing to work. MUI will still work. Zune can run alongside MUI, it's easy. Look at this MorphOS documentation:

graphics.library, is responsible for low-level graphics functions like drawing pixels and other primitives, copying rectangular blocks of display, scrolling etc. Many programs do not use it directly.
intuition.library, delivers intermediate level graphics interface objects like screens and windows. Interfaces to user input devices (mouse and keyboard to name a few). Provides very basic user controls (gadgets). Provides also BOOPSI (Basic Object Oriented System for Intuition), a language independent object oriented programming framework, used commonly by other components.
MUI is built on top of intuition.library, which is built on graphics.library. Zune will also be built on top of intuition.library. There is no technical reason why it can't be. Hope this helps you understand.

If you recognise any of the names of the people in the Zune Enhancement bounty contributors, please PM them so they can at least be made aware of the the changes to the Zune bounties:
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