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Default Re: DENUB USB adding USB Classes

Originally Posted by Brosol View Post
>>> It seems to be normal for that model USB NIC I get the same Trident status messages.

And when it detects it and comes online, always get this error at bottom about no link, check plug. But cable is fine. However, no link light shows on the NIC or the hub.

>>> This is not normal if the NIC is working and talking to your hub...router the NIC's status light should be on, flashing. Do you have another computer to test the NIC?

I can't tell what I am doing wrong. Do the class files and PsdStackLoader have to be loaded into flash? They can't work loaded after the fact? Maybe that's my problem.

>>> Each time the PsdStackLoader file is updated it should be flashed to Deneb to reflect changes after a reboot

I manually added the device to the Genesis.conf file, like this

>>> I can logon to my router/PC windoze to check & test the status of the Amiga USB NIC connection. Does your USB NIC work on another PC?

But not even sure if it's setup correct in Trident. I can start GenesisRA and click online with the adapter, it says it's online, but I have no link light, nor can ping anything.

Thanks all. I am now on the intertubes.. The solution was Five bucks and the saving of my sanity.

I think around 1am last night I got the damn link light to start working on that blue NIC. At some point, I think I got the stack working as my time went to the correct time. Yet, I still couldn't ping or get to anything.

Went to bed due to lack of sleep and it's been bothering me all day. Found this site, good reference for anyone else wanting a USB nic.

Shows what NICs from each class work. Wanted something from Pegasus or Asix, as those two classes are supposed out of the box from all TCP stacks.

Looked up a pic of a few of them to try to find locally. Of course, nobody sells USB Nics outside of wireless ones these days, so online ordering is your best bet.

Well, decided to hit the local PC-Recycle down the street and saw a Belkin that looks like this pic from the Pegasus click.

Picked it up for 5 bucks and grabbed another for five bucks as well. Didn't want to screw around.

Got home, plugged them in. Both worked with about 5 seconds of work configuring the USB classes and Genesis/Easynet config files.

Belkin works with the Pegasus class, Linksys works with asix class.

Downloading some stuff now. Best 10 bucks I ever spent!!

Thanks all for the help. This board rocks!!
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