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Default Re: What were you doing on your Amiga in 1994?

Originally Posted by ElPolloDiabl View Post
Hi, What were you doing on your Amiga in the year 1994?
In 1994? Let's see.

Well, I had my OS3.0 A1200 by then and IIRC. Other than a parallel port sampler and a MIDI interface it was pretty bare. I relied on various hand-rolled bootable floppies for applications. For example, I had a single bootable disk containing OctaMED, ProTracker and the software that came with my sampler.

A lot of time was spent playing games like syndicate, that's for sure

By the end of that year, I got a slimline 3.5 inch HD for it and my productivity increased accordingly.

By summer the following year I got my first accelerator board, the then fresh-out-of-the-stable Apollo 1240 turbo. You simply can't imagine the speed increase that gave. And, just when I thought it was fast enough, I discovered remapollo
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