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Instant notification for new messages in a Social Group Issue Tools
issueid=75 07-02-2011 01:59 PM
"Night Janitor" Moderator
Instant notification for new messages in a Social Group
Title says it all.

I've just got into the social groups aspect of the site and really enjoy the ability to get together and share ideas in a specific area. Unfortunately I don't remember to check them all the time and things slip by me or if I post something I have to PM everyone else so they know there is new info in the group.

If there was a way to setup instant notification for group posts that would be great!


Heh, just noticed that I can "subscribe" to this post, simple drop down box like that, nothing fancy, would be just fine ;)
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01-29-2012 12:46 PM
Subscription options already exist for social groups and individual discussions within social groups.

For group subscription options, click the "Group Tools" dropdown at the top right of the list of discussions and choose "Subscribe to this Group". You will be prompted to choose "no notification", "daily email notification" or "weekly email notification".

For discussion subscription options, enter into a discussion thread within the group and click the "Discussion tools" dropdown and choose "Subscribe to this Discussion". You will again be prompted to choose "no notification" or "instant email notification".

What there doesn't appear to be is a notification for a new thread/post within the group as a whole.
01-29-2012 06:25 PM
"Night Janitor" Moderator
Sweet! I looked around and guess I didn't see it. TANKZ for the pointer!
01-29-2012 06:36 PM
Yeah, it isn't quite as prominently positioned as the same notification options elsewhere. Should work fine though.

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