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b41d3r 12-09-2011 12:35 AM

TV and monitor connection
Hi folks,

Now that thanks to the community, my amiga can run on my crt tv.
I'd like to step further and make it able to display on a LCD TV or old monitor.
I considered options like vga box and converters :
and if you're french reader :

But how am I suppose to connect to a vga connector?
I don't see what cable I need and to what I should connect it on my Amiga 1200.
Ambery speaks about a db-9 pin, does that mean I should connect to my game port ? That sounds odd.
Do you think I could connect my Amiga on an old CRT monitor from 1998 without any device between other than the right cable (still to define)?

Daedalus 12-09-2011 03:58 AM

Re: TV and monitor connection
Right, two things here: First, the Amiga's physical connector is different from VGA, although you can get simple passive adaptors which give you the standard female VGA socket Click for example. Second, while with that adaptor you now have the signals on the correct pins, you still have the wrong frequencies on the output by default. The A1200 can use some higher frequency screenmodes which should work on most VGA monitors, but anything that bypasses these settings (most games for example) simply won't work.

More complicated adaptors are available called scandoublers which take the video signal and double its frequency as well as providing a VGA connection, and all software will work fine with these as it's a hardware rather than software frequency change. But they're a good deal more expensive as a result. External ones connect to the monitor port on the back of the A1200, internal ones connect directly to the chips inside and therefore usually give better quality, but can be tricky to fit. You might have to scour eBay for one...

As for those video-VGA converters, they'll work fine too, but the video out from an A1200 is actually pretty poor quality, so you wouldn't be making the most of it.

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