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For those of us prone to two-wheel motorized transportation.
22 11 65 18
12:09 AM
Also known as Ham Radio, is a hobby that allows you to not only talk to others using the original wireless technology, but also computers and morse code. Want to know more? Just ask. Shortwave listeners welcome here as well!
17 3 13 8
11:29 PM
Any form of music production that people are intrested in, either HI-FI Seperates, All-in-one boxes, music recording, music servers, etc.
20 4 24 7
10:58 AM
Can't believe I took so long to create this! Anyway, this is a group for those among us who enjoy all things photographic, be it film or digital.
12 3 15 2
01:26 PM
Everyone that uses and enjoys using AmigaOS 4, this is the group for us :P (This is an open/public group)
29 1 11 0
01:05 AM
For the love of PANCAKES! The real reason this "Amiga" forum site is in existence. What's an Amiga anyway? I'm confused
15 2 18 0
04:25 PM
Anyone who has a love for the 500 games collection.I will be sorting this group soon!
21 2 11 0
05:59 AM
A group for every Amiga enthusiasts in London to meet up once a month ,to talk and reminisces about the old days, play some Classic amiga games, code some demo's and start some custom amiga projects together.Keeping the dream alive...
5 2 3 0
06:14 PM
A group for Amiga users of all flavors in the State of New York.
8 3 5 0
02:57 PM
I'm interested to know what other interests Amiga enthusiasts have. Amiga is our common ground, but I'd like to find out what other common interests we might have, such as music, movies, cars, gaming and so on. It would be good to build up an interconnected map of hobbies and interests and see what happens!
1 1 1 0
05:50 AM
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