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Syndicate dominated: A Gumbycorp Executive's guide to the Atlantic Accelerator

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Posted 11-19-2010 at 08:48 AM by Karlos
Updated 11-19-2010 at 09:06 AM by Karlos
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So, you've played the game for a while and you have spread into North America or to the African west coast and you unlock the Atlantic Accelerator mission.

The mission brief makes it clear that this is of huge strategic importance. It comes with the following dire situation update:

Syndicate update:

The enemy syndicates have reailised that we are the most significant threat to their survival and as such have bonded together in an awesome alliance of resource and manpower. The strike and assault teams of seven other syndicates have also been deployed on the station but instead of fighting amongst themselves they are acting together as a team. Their weaponry reserves and technology have been pooled to equip this fearsome fighting machine.

Defence update:

You are totally outgunned and outnumbered on this one. In addition to the enemy syndicate squads there are also the resident guard posts manned by the efficient and well equipped security forces. They too realise the major threat that we pose to them and so expect them to side with the enemy syndicate coalition. We believe that gauss guns and mini guns are the standard guard post equipment.
About 1-2 seconds after you enter the level, your squad will become the target of about half a dozen upgraded enemy agents all unloading miniguns without any hesitation. Within about 4 seconds, their number has at least doubled and more will be heading in.

It seems the most common strategy is to charge in with a full squad armed to the teeth and let all hell break loose and try not to get all four of your agents killed. It's certainly fun, but you'll find it tends to be ineffective past the first encounter. Just as your agents are running out of ammo, the second wave arrive and you will probably lose half your team just trying to re-equip your members from the fallen enemy agents.

However, using the tips presented in the previous two instalments, a third, altogether sneakier method presents itself. Remember the following observations:
  • Active enemy agents always hunt your agents in order of least equipped first, unless...
  • If all your agents are equally well equipped, active enemy agents will hunt your agents in ascending order.
  • Active enemy agents will be completely oblivious to all but the particular agent of yours they are hunting unless attacked, in which case the attacked agent will switch target to his attacker.
  • Enemy agents are not used to thinking in 3D. They'll happily congregate on a spot vertically above or below the agent they are hunting and simply wait there or sometimes end up fighting each other, if several opposing squads are in the vicinity.

An implicit point of the last point above is that many agents can congregate on the same spot. Also remember:
  • Flamer. Perfect for combat sweeps. The flamer is an all or nothing weapon. If you hit an enemy with it, it is a guaranteed kill. By using the AI observations above, most combat sweeps become a formality once you have the flamer available for deployment against your enemy.
  • Energy shield. Stockpiling these would take all day, so once there's money I develop it. It comes in handy later.

Also recall that the splash damage from Gauss gun rounds can penetrate structures.

With all those tips in mind, the strategy is as follows.

1) Take two fully V3 agents as your team. Equip the numerically lowest team member with half a dozen energy shields and two flamers. Equip the second agent with four energy shields, two Guass guns and two flamers.

2) The instant you enter the level, enter team mode and activate the energy shield so that both agents are protected. Drop your agents drug levels. Then select only agent 2 and walk him across the platform out of the immediate conflagration that will be bursting open. Once he's clear of the line of fire, deactivate his shield.

3) Your first agent will now be being liberally hosed by bullets. Keep a close eye on him. He should select the next energy shield automatically, but if he doesn't, do it for him. After a short time of not inflicting any damage, the enemy agents will close in directly on top of your agent.

4) Quickly scroll around the immediate area for an overview. A second wave should be inbound. Again, they'll fire on your shielded agent but will eventually give up and converge on him and it will go quiet.

5) Select your second agent and equip the flamer. Walk him back over to where your first agent is standing and give him a liberal hosing of napalm. A circular wall of fire, composed entirely of burning enemy agents will disperse from his position.

6) At this point, you have cleared about half the enemy agents infecting the map. The other half are all attempting to reach your position to kill your squad, but their inability to properly navigate the map tends to lock them into a closed path that never gets within firing range of your starting position. Take your second agent, who by now will be well rested, increase his perception and adrenaline again and make your way towards the centre of the map. Be wary of the watch towers and use whatever cover is available. Leave your first agent where he is, he should be quite safe now.

7) Use the Gauss rifle to eliminate the guards in the watchtowers near the centre of the map, but try to conserve at least one round. The enemy agents will not pay any attention to this second agent as their AI is fixated on killing your first agent, which they can't quite figure out how to reach.

8) After eliminating the guard threat, you'll find that many enemy agents are still circling the map. All you have to do now is to position your agent on one of the various bridges they keep crossing and use your flamer to torch them as they pass. As stated above, the flamer is always fatal if it hits, and if it doesn't, the enemy agents won't switch target.

9) After a while you'll have incinerated all but two of the enemy agents. You'll find them holed up in two of the buildings. Both of them are fairly easy to get with the flamer if you stand in the doorway, but one of them can be tricky.

10) If you find the last enemy agent can't readily be killed with the flamer, go outside and arm your Gauss gun. Position your cursor over the inner corner of the building and get used to the timing as it turns into a crosshair as he passes that point inside. Once you are happy with it, fire your shot. If you time it right, the agent inside will be killed outright by the blast.

And that's it. You can now return with your two agents unscathed
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  1. Old Comment
    You'r obsessed dear chap... :lol:

    (PS: When's the next installment, I can't wait, reminds of when I used to watch Jackanory... ;) )
    Posted 11-19-2010 at 10:34 AM by Franko Franko is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Karlos's Avatar
    Ah well, there won't be any more instalments. Showing how the previous tips can be used to defeat the Atlantic Accelerator mission (a "boss" level, if ever there was one) was the finale.
    Posted 11-19-2010 at 11:36 AM by Karlos Karlos is offline