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Packaging thought process

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Posted 07-27-2009 at 08:07 PM by Failure

Currently, I'm thinking of going ahead and using SVR4 packages for Amiga UNIX despite their limitations. This format is actually relatively advanced on Solaris. There's many features present that don't *appear* to be present in the ancestor version on Amix. It would be really awesome to...

* track dependencies (woo!)
* fetch files from the internet (yeah!)
* have pre- and post-install scripts (yay!)

But it appears that NONE of those are present. Basically you can only count on Amix to put the files in the right place and make a record of it. I have to say "appears" because the man pages are kind of sparse on all this stuff...I'm using them for a high-level overview and using the Solaris documentation to get the details. Either I'm going to break down and buy a couple of those System V manuals on Amazon I've been drooling over (yeah, I'm weird) or lots of trial and error will commence. Since I don't have any money, and although I know I'm going against the American Way(tm) by not charging it to plastic, I think it'll be the latter.

Well, assuming none of that works that leaves the rest for me to deal with! I've already talked about dependencies, that's basically a choice of language. I'm leaning towards Perl. perl4 (how modern!) is included with Amix. I could use wget or something really simple in Perl to fetch the files. I could add a wrapper to pkgadd that would take control data from the packages in the same place that Solaris would look for them, and do the pre- and post-install stuff. And since I want to compress it, zoo to the rescue.

It's a complete waste of time. I think I'll continue.
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