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The Price is Right ? X1000 come on down !

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Posted 06-29-2010 at 03:24 PM by Boudicca
Updated 06-29-2010 at 03:46 PM by Boudicca
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Since the weird rough pricing announcement at a quaint vintage computer show, I've read with interest the extreme strangeness of the uber geeks complaining "that its old tech and give me the X1000 for the price of a x86 mobo" and the endless comparisons to mass market products that are produced in vast numbers, with PR campaigns per Country costing 5 times the amount the X1000 costs to produce.

* Is there any real comparison we can legitimately make or is the uber geek right that a customised spade is a spade and should cost the same as a spade made in China, bashed out at 100,000 per day ?

The X1000 falls into a computer category that frankly doesn't exist anymore, its basically unique from a sellers and buyers point of view, the nearest I can compare it with is, something like a specialist Satellite/cable receiver e.g Reelbox or customised home cinema installation, you know the kind with seats and popcorn.

* These Reelbox devices are specialist to the extreme, only a select few are prepared to own one, but these are a niche vertical market machine capable of watching Pirate Satellite and cable tv from the same box at the same time......with interchangable tuners etc.

* The ReelBox is specialist box with a purpose and a market albeit vertical.

* The X1000 at present has no market and no purpose and that is were the X1000 pricing model problem seems to lie.

* Returning to the Vintage Show sales pitch also took me by surprise, Why a Vintage show, why not Earls Court, Cebit, Why not somewhere it can be seen, get the trade interested not just the Uber Geek, even with the bad boys at they marketed there ideas to the trade etc.....a Vintage show....just gave the impression the X1000 is a technical exercise and not a marketable product with any longevity.

* If there was any intention of getting the product beyond the uber geek, would require 5 million in marketing alone. Big and brash sells product. Small and niche sells niche. Even the attempt at viral marketing smells of Wedgewood Pottery and leather bound books, there wasn't even any Easter Eggs.

* Its a vertical market product, marketed at the Uber Geek, marketed with an Uber Geek pricing model, with the Vintage market ready to put their Added Value with no ambition to go anywhere with the x1000.

The comparisons to other tech be it newer or older, similar or not, why does it cost this much when it costs that much for that, is flawed in so many ways that its an irony the uber geeks amongst us fail to see and need to wake up and smell the coffee. The device you are comparing prices too where never even marketed at you. Thats why they cost less, faster and are different.

These x86 mobo's, Apple Powermacs etc were never intended for the Amiga geek market. Now they have been tossed on the scrap heap, of course you are interested, its abandoned tech close to your heart. x86 mobo's with extreme chips are for Gamers, not geeks. Uber Geeks want tech for tech sake, Gamers want to kill stuff with extreme prejudice and the faster the gamer can do that, more over clocked and custom coloured the better.

* If they could make a Twin turbo v6 Saxo with 10kw speakers, wrap around lcd windscreen and 50Ghz of Liquid cooled Unreal Tournament they would. Its to be used and abused....the X1000 is not intended for that, in any metric !

* In conclusion, the X1000 at a price point of 1500+, with a marketing campaign aimed square at the Uber Geeks without a product direction, market or goal, the X1000 is essentially a toy for collectors who, keep it in a box and polish twice a week and eventually trade it for more than they payed for it.

* With a production cost of only 200,000 and a marketing campaign in the 10's of 1000's, it is clear that be it 6502 powered or the fastest ppc on the planet, the X1000 is priced exactly around the right price for what is essentially, a Custom collectable Toy/Device in a box for the Uber Geek collector.

Thats the target market, the question is, are you one of them ?
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  1. Old Comment
    Tension's Avatar
    Very interesting observations.
    Posted 07-05-2010 at 04:50 PM by Tension Tension is offline
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    Re: The Price is Right ? X1000 come on down !

    As Tension mentioned, very interesting observations.

    I'm in the middle on the X1000. Targeting the geek market can be pretty risky. Geeks can be hit or miss sometimes. If the geeks like it, then how long the X1000 will survive would still be uncertain. Sometimes geeks have money and sometimes they do not, so the high price could be a decision making factor for some.

    If the X1000 can hit within the middle to upper range of modern Intel systems, then it's chances can improve.

    Certain elements of the X1000 are reminding me of the NeXT workstation. Steve left Apple, created the NeXT, which was very! expensive at the time, yet it survived and is now Mac OS X. So we shouldn't under-estimate the geeks.

    Price is a tough area to predict. Apple, and other companies, have shown that high price is acceptable if the product is seen as unique, cool, different, etc by the buyer.

    All computers are toys.
    Posted 07-10-2010 at 11:07 PM by DavidF215 DavidF215 is offline