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LG LF7700 Freesat HD LCD TV and Iplayer

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Posted 09-29-2010 at 02:23 AM by Boudicca

10 months ago I bought the this LG TV with the promise ("Everyone" but LG) that BBC Iplayer would be a future feature, 10 months later with 1000's of customers posts on / DigitalSpy and AVforums with the threat by some to go to the media. LG has finally admitted some liability (albeit with care) with a "Gesture of Goodwill" buy sending its customers another Brands (Humax) Freesat HD receiver as compensation.

Today I got my free LG Supplied (well "Gesture of Goodwill") Humax Foxsat HD receiver. It appears to brand new, unmarked, all cables etc. Win Win !

Now for the bad news. The fact LG has given away these boxes to its customers is laudable but it has taken almost a year to fulfill what they sales people were "Hinting at", sales people include everyone it seems but LG who put the FreeSat logo on their box and watched the sales rush in as everyone was ultimately "conned" into buying (Conned - Confidence Trick!).

Whether this was intentional or not the outcome has damaged my confidence in company that appears to market itself as trusted brand however their slogon "Life's Good" sends a positive message but who for ?

I would highly recommend that anyone considering any LG product, watches for what is "not said" in the advertising and sales blurb, as LG are playing a game which ultimately leads to a failure of confidence, which will inevitably lead to a failure of their business and the end a of promising brand.

To LG get the sales right, if you are not planning or going to do something, don't get your minions to spread gossip of "Future" features that just aren't going to happen. You knew long ago that Iplayer wasn't in your plans, but you avoided the subject and in the end let the customer service team, fix what "FUD" the sales team spun!. The only people to get any credence out this mess is your customer services team, thank you, as for your sales, lets start again. You have FreeView HD, are you sure you have told everyone everything ? or is this another FUD waiting to happen.

K.I.S.S, Don't promise (be it LG or the channel) what you can't keep.
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