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How slow can you go?

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Posted 06-04-2009 at 11:45 AM by Failure
Updated 06-04-2009 at 11:47 AM by Failure

Answer: pretty slow. The last two days - yes, it's that slow, granted I wasn't doing the tests 24/7 - I've run Bonnie I/O benchmarks on the Amiga UNIX box. Since these results are incomplete, I don't think it's worth a forum thread but maybe it's still interesting to some people.

The complete results for Amix 2.1c are located here. Here's a summary though. Apologies for screwing up the layout if you have a low res display, but it's my damn blog :-)

The stuff on the bottom is the NFS results, the top is disk. Disk is faster but note it's tapped out on reads at about 540KB/sec. Listen, I can download from my bottom-dollar cable connection faster than that!

I plan to test the following other OS on my A3000D: OS 3.9 if I can build Bonnie, Debian 4.0, NetBSD 5.0. Of these, my hypothesis is that 3.9 will be fastest, followed by NetBSD, Debian, and AMIX at the bottom. My assumption is that since 3.9 doesn't have to worry about things like multiple users, journalling filesystems (AMIX UFS has none also), or memory protection to name a few, it'll have some advantage. Probably the HW drivers will be better written as well.

Oh, if there's any ideas for other stuff than Bonnie for testing, love to hear it. AMIX is probably the weak link here since lots of stuff won't build on it including stuff with C++. Still trying to figure the reasons for the breakage there.
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