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Third Hand Smoke my Arse!

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Posted 02-09-2010 at 02:16 PM by Boudicca

Here you go, the impossible situation of third hand toxic smokers residue has been touted as the next world evil for your kids, your health and its now bordering on ludicrousness scaremongering drivel that the anti-smoking lobby are trying to palm off as science.

God help those who partake of any known particulate based enjoyment, your days are sadly numbered if this utter trash science is ever legitimised as fact.

Gone will be smoking anywhere (Yes I know for many you are already convinced this is a good thing)
Gone will be the internal combustion engine, no matter how good the filtering, it kills (Cough)
Gone will be the warmth of an open fire, too many cancerous causing toxins there.
Gone will be sprays of any kind, you can't have a spray paint without the risk of killing.
Gone will be breathing, you must keep your mask on to prevent killing people with your germs.

There is a limit to how much credibility science has in "What if" thinking, instead of publishing propaganda, wheres the actual science and the relative risk of an activity rather than, turning every word into "Stupid" people love this kind of thing news.

Lets face it, every time you go sniffing anything there is almost certainly over a million different particulates you take in with each breath, any one of which if interacting with the cellular membrane of your lungs can cause a cell to exponentially reproduce to cause a carcinoma, oxygen itself is the highest cause of carcinoma in all life on Earth. Life expectancy is not derived from your life style alone but the genes you are born with. No amount of not inhaling anything will prevent or delay that inevitability.

If you are susceptible to carbon monoxide induced carcinoma, don't live where there are strong sources of carbon monoxide. Stop making everyone else pay for your poor genes.
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