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08-07-2008, 05:08 PM
Any idea what the various colors mean?
Same as Amiga errors? (have no idea what amiga color codes mean eihter).

I am getting purple.

08-07-2008, 05:25 PM
From the Luciferin.guide, section Bootloaders

Visual feedback:

- None:
Does not modify the screen colours during booting.

- Status as colour:
Shows a dark green screen, if the tags are being installed or a dark red
screen, if the installation process has been skipped. The interval the
colours can be seen might be rather short.

Hence, purple is not a colour that is caused by the bootloader. OS4 seems to make purple screens.

08-07-2008, 11:35 PM
yes, red, blue then purple screens on aga are obviously some kind of os4 boot messages. what i observed is that os4 freezes sometimes on reboot with the purple screen if i havnt hold the keys for long enough. it doesnt seem to get past this point on boot also if i have deneb flash enabled, probably because of the modified rom-image it contains, but im not sure on that.

i would advice to turn off the flash on deneb to test if u have experiencing probs.

08-08-2008, 01:40 PM

Thanks for the tips. I do not have the Deneb in any mode right now. There are no jumpers set at all. I am using a 68030 based Amiga. Currently OS 3.9 is not installed as Boing Bag 2 all but made my install useless (lesson learned) so I did a quick install/format. It should boot and give me a shell.

Here is something I found about how the amiga boots up and the color purple:

1.Initializing RTF_SINGLETASK modules
One of the very first modules is expansion.library. It will probe the system for Zorro expansions and initialize them. All found expansions are added to expansion.library ConfigDev list.

exec.library is initialization will now commence, and allocate new execbase. Any info from the old exec is moved to new one. This tries to make sure the exec is moved to fastest possible memory available. At this point supervisor stack is also allocated and SSP is made to point to it. Next the system will prepare itself for multitasking. Various functions are patched depending on the CPU type. Initial task is prepared and fired up. From now on, the system is running with multitasking enabled. CoolCapture vector is run at this point, if available. Next stage of the initialization is entered with InitCode(RTF_COLDSTART, 0). The execution will never return here (if it does, the screen will be rendered all PURPLE and system will hang).

08-08-2008, 02:43 PM

I believe I have solved a lot of bootup issues now.
Here is the answer:

I own a DKB 2632 ram expansion. It has 96mb of ram. The ram comes up as 32bit expanded ram. Not fastmem. No autoconfig.

I have an A2630 Commodore Accelerator. It has 4mb of 32bit autoconfig memory.

My gvp scsi controller has 2mb of fastmem.

Here we go...

I removed the scsi controller after getting my thumbdrive working perfectly. Did not need it any more.
2mb of fastmem goes bye bye.

Right after burning a backup of my el-perfecto system with FryingPan and my USB burner I decided to test the backup and made the following line of mistakes:

a) I added the command to pull up the 2632 memory to my os 3.9 boot floppy.
b) booted using a soft reset (note: soft = 2632 mem still active) and did a quick format of the thumbdrive.
c) Immediately copied the cd backup over to the thumb.
d) Cold booted to nightmare after nightmare.

The command I used was >2632 >NIL:
I normally use >2632 -m-2 >NIL:

Here is the issue:
Using >2632 with no opts means the expanded ram has a higher priority than any other ram.
Something in my system does not like that.
DMA is not possible between the Zorro bus and expanded memory.
When I used the -m-2 switch I gave the 4mb of autoconfig a higher priority than the DKB mem and now the system is happy once again.

When I removed the gvp scsi controller I removed my only source of DMA memory and needed the additional -m-2 switch to have some sort of DMA compatible autoconfig memory because somebody in my system does not want to play nice without it. This is the second time autoconfig has burned me since I built this system a month ago. Bought the dkb 2632 two weeks ago.

So the lesson is keep some sort of DMA capable mem in your system or things could go bonkers on you.

Hope that helps someone.
:-D :-o